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What does an ideal BI tool need?

By: | 3 de November de 2022 5Min of reading

O Business Intelligence (BI), ou Inteligência de Mercado em tradução literal, é uma ferramenta que transforma dados em visões acionáveis ​​que podem definir as decisões de negócios de uma organização.

In practice, the company takes a comprehensive view of data from across the organizationusing them to generate positive change, eliminating inefficiency, and adapting quickly to market changes.

In this post, you will learn what a BI tool is, how it can help your company, and what key features this solution needs to have.

What is a BI tool?

Traditional Business Intelligence (with initial capital letters) originally appeared in the 1960s as a system for sharing information within organizations.

It developed in the 1980s with computer models to aid decision making and turn data into information, before becoming a specific feature offered by BI teams with service solutions dependent on Information Technology.

Modern BI solutions prioritize flexible self-service analysis, data governed on reliable platforms, business user autonomy, and rapid access to information.

How does it work?

BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical results in reports, summaries, dashboards, charts, tables and maps, to provide users with detailed information on the state of affairs.

The term Business Intelligence often also refers to a variety of tools that provide quick and easy access to answers about the current state of an organization, based on available data.

The Business Intelligence Tools are software that collects and processes large amounts of unstructured data from internal and external systems, including documents, images, files, and e-mails, for example.

In this sense, they can perform functions such as data analysis and visualization, performance management, report extraction, text analysis, and others.

Thus, the results give employees and managers the power to speed up and improve decision-making, increase operational efficiency, identify new revenue potentials and market trends, report on KPIs, and find new business opportunities.

How can the tool help the company?

A good business intelligence tool can help companies make better decisions according to current and historical data, providing business-related insights. Analysts can use BI to provide performance and competitive data.

Furthermore, it is possible, from the BI tool, to identify market trends more easily, facilitating strategies for increasing profits or sales.

When used properly, data can contribute to many areas, from compliance to staffing. Check out how Business Intelligence can help companies make better decisions from data:

  • Identificando maneiras de aumentar os lucros;
  • Analyzing customer behavior;
  • Comparing competitor data;
  • Tracking performance;
  • Optimizing operations;
  • Predicting success;
  • Identifying market trends;
  • Discovering errors or problems.

What are the characteristics of the ideal BI solution?

To succeed in today’s dynamic business world, organizations must be data-driven and foster a data-driven culture.

To do this, leaders need a modern business intelligence platform that helps them see and understand their data. The platforms of business intelligenceare more than business analysis software packages, they support the organization’s BI strategy by facilitating access to and analysis of its data.

Understand that simple analytics platforms import, clean, analyze, and predict data, whereas business intelligence platforms are more robust, dynamic, and can adapt as you grow your BI strategy.

Thanks to the union of technology and expertise of Cadmus with Domoa complete environment for Business Intelligence, which does not need any other software or infrastructure, your organization can have the ideal BI solution including exclusive differentials, such as

Comprehensive platform with data integration and BI from anywhere;

Ability to create workflows driven by 100% cloud applications;

Customizable self-service dashboards, with real-time and interactive reports, creating transparency;

Create custom applications that can also be shared externally;

Solutions for BI and data applications that deliver more value in less time.

Cadmus Business Intelligence Solution: Ideal Bi Tool

With a focus on digital transformation, Cadmus Cadmus has specialized professionals to deliver the best solution for your company.

So whatever your business area, regardless of the volume of information, you can transform it into structured data. This can drive and direct strategic and focused actions.

In addition, Cadmus Cadmus has a BI delivery model delivery model, inspired in delivery with agile software development.

Furthermore, our solution delivers data transformed into business-relevant information, driving effective and agile decision-making, thanks to cutting-edge technologies combined with the analytical capabilities of data scientists.

Talk to our experts and learn more about Cadmus Business Intelligence solution.