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Learn the best choice between IT Squads vs. IT Body Shop

By: | 9 de March de 2023 5Min of reading

At the initial moment of a software development project, it is important that the company knows the focus and profile, because in the market there are many options for hiring labor. Among them, two stand out in the competitive IT industry: Dedicated Teams (IT squad) and or IT Body Shop.


Can you recognize what differs one model from another? It is a doubt that may arise when choosing what best fits your company’s strategy.


What are IT Squads?

The Dedicated Teams model, or IT squad, is formed by a team of professionals who work together on a technology project, with the goal of developing, maintaining, and improving a product or service.


By the way, this term “squad” comes from the agile software development methodology, in which small multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively and autonomously on specific tasks within the project.


In short, it becomes more than a working model. The concept of agile methodology aims to create a more fluid process flow between people in a team or between areas in a company.


One of the characteristics of the work of an IT squad is its independence, that is, those involved in the project can act with greater freedom, without bureaucratic blocks or day-to-day obstacles.


But, what are IT Body Shops?


To begin to understand the difference, it is worth pointing out what is Body Shop. This is an English expression that, in the IT context, is used to refer to companies that offer labor outsourcing services for project development.


The suppliers of this type of service – IT body shop – usually act as intermediaries between the companies that need IT professionals and those who work in this segment.


They aim to find and provide qualified IT professionals for their clients, which can range from small businesses to large corporations.


IT professionals provided by body shop companies are usually hired as service providers or consultants, and work directly on the customer’s premises, integrating with existing teams or forming new teams to develop, maintain or improve specific IT systems.


Although both squad and body shop are common terms in the Information Technology context, they refer to different concepts.


Knowing the differences between an IT squad and a body shop can help when it comes time to choose


Thinking about the routine of a company, when we talk about an IT squad, usually made up of developers, designers, business analysts, and quality specialists, we are talking about people who work together collaboratively and autonomously on an IT project.


On the other hand, body shop companies act only as intermediaries, and skilled IT professionals working directly at the customer’s premises, integrate existing teams or form new teams to develop, maintain or improve specific IT systems. But the differences do not stop there.


By opting for an IT squad, the company gets to work closely with the team, which can ensure the quality of the final product, as the complementary skills of each team member combine to achieve a common goal.


The squad is responsible for the entire product life cycle, from conception to delivery and maintenance.


The team members have a strong identity with the project and feel responsible for its delivery. This increases the team’s commitment and motivation, resulting in better quality deliveries.


In general, the IT squad is an effective approach for complex and constantly evolving IT projects that require an agile and multidisciplinary approach. It can help ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services more quickly and efficiently, with a focus on the user and continuous improvement.


The IT body shop, on the other hand, can be an excellent option for companies that need specialized IT professionals on short notice, without the costs and effort involved in the recruitment and selection process.


IT body shop companies can also provide highly qualified and experienced professionals in different IT areas, bringing great value to your company’s project.


If you still don’t know which model to choose, Cadmus can help. Besides the IT squade with professionals that already work together for a long time, you don’t have to worry about management.


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