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In Healthcare, time, assertiveness, and focus make all the difference. With methodologies of Design Thinking and with DaVita Serviços Médicos in a series of initiatives to understand and provide the best journey to the customer, from search to service delivery.

DaVita Medical Services, a Fortune 500 company, arrived in Brazil in 2018 with the acquisition of 10 medical centers from Porto Seguro. The first project with Cadmus was the migration of the institutional website to the corporate standard, which the team managed to solve in 24 hours. The partnership becomes more strategic when an immersion process with Design Thinking is started to discover opportunities and create a map of digital actions.

The set of digital initiatives "starts at the beginning" of the journey - with an SEO implementation, DaVita began to appear on the first page of those searching for "medical services". DaVita Serviços Médicos do Brasil stood out in a short time of SEO implementation and ended up surpassing the international brand in organic search.

Locating units, specialists, and scheduling appointments online follows a simplified patient flow, which has guaranteed the highest conversion rates. However, the organization's strategy is to always be ready to keep up with the dynamics of the market. The navigation and search alternatives, the functionalities and the portal format are based on the premise of easy customization and improvements, according to the monitoring and analysis of behaviors and expectations.

Streamlining and facilitating the processes that are accessory to medical care, in order to focus on the core business, is a pillar of DaVita's differentiation, which implies a precise (oriented to what interests the client) and flexible digital strategy. 'We offer a model that seeks to improve medical care to patients and reduce the waste typical of the sector, with a differentiated and sustainable solution,' defines the company's institutional presentation.


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