Coaching and Training | CADMUS

Aligned with
needs and the
business strategy

To ensure full, correct, and optimized function service. We conduct performance appraisals and recurrent training programs to improve the alignment and contribution to the company's teams on a daily basis.

Inspiring, developing and delivering the best professionals

  • • Disseminate Cadmus' values to all employees, wherever they are working, promoting synergy between consultants and customers.
  • • To encourage protagonism with individual and collective development plans for the continuous improvement of the professionals.
  • • Increase Cadmus' talent retention in line with the commitments made to our customers.
  • • Bring Cadmus employees closer together by listening to them and keeping them connected to the organization's strategies, standards, best practices, and culture.
  • • Prospect, Select, and Hire the best human resources, who will collaborate in the contracted deliveries to our clients.
Suporte avançado sempre à disposição
Advanced support always on hand

All the expertise and services in project management, architecture, software quality, UX, interface design, and other advanced competencies are fully accessible to the customers, with a facilitated interlocution by the allocated Specialists.

Recursos agregados
Aggregate resources

Technical support; code analysis; component library; document template library; document review; and continuous training are some of the services that accompany the allocation of Specialists.