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Conversational Interfaces

from chatbot to

virtual assistant

The improvement of bots reflects directly on the user experience by providing a more agile, democratic, and humanized service.

Whether through a communication app, an IVR with Speech Recognition, or any other channel, the Conversational Interface combines NLU (natural language understanding) features and a navigation scheme in which, instead of sequential menus, the user determines the sequence of functions.

Cadmus supports the integration of systems, including legacy systems, with NLU engines from various developers, as well as with platforms offered in the IAaaS (artificial intelligence as a service) model, such as IBM Watson and Microsoft LUIS. Cadmus also applies its expertise in process development and automation (RPA) to enable back office systems to provide the services required by the conversational front end.

Enabling self-service and chatbot for recurring questions

As repetitive procedures (e.g., service desk calls for password resets) start to flow automatically between the front end and the back office, Process Automation simplifies the delivery of functionality to self-service applications and chatbots that can be easily programmed to recognize and resolve common issues.

Automate recurring queries in your business

Optimize time and resources, and gain post-sale loyalty.

Customer Relationship

Create impactful experiences with your customers with the help of artificial intelligence.

Value your business' internal communication

Use tools with AI to facilitate the relationship between the teams in your company.