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Transforming the production style, leadership, strategic management, and especially the subjective view of work, is the foundation of any successful and sustainable business transformation project. An organization in which each person thinks about what is relevant for the final customer and for the business areas, and that the organizational charts, the competencies, and all tactical parts dynamically mold themselves to these premises at every moment, is the essential objective of the concepts, metrics, and practices of the agile world.

The In Company Training of Cadmus aims to prepare teams, leaders and managers in the various disciplines of Digital Transformation and Agile. Our instructors are experienced agilists in driving cultural transformation, being able to present compelling organizational situations and real cases, making the learning of the concepts presented practical.

Training tracks include:

Conceitos gerais do mundo ágil
General concepts of the agile world

What the methods and practices of the agile world propose and how they work; team organization; training of facilitators (Agile Masters) and product owners.

Formação de gestores
Formation of managers

Management and business agility training prepares leaders to get the most out of their teams by creating an environment of commitment, open communication, and results-oriented collaboration.

Inovação empresarial
Business Innovation

The courses cover disciplines such as Design Thinking and UX, to put goals like customer focus and competitive innovation into practice.

Conteúdo objetivo
Objective content, customizable and contextualized to the organization's strategy

Courses with content targeted and relevant to each type of user generate immediate changes and gains at every step of the training of agile professionals.

Taxa de retorno
Real case studies

Cadmus instructors have training and certifications in Agile Transformation and, mainly, a lot of experience in organizations of various sizes and sectors. Thus, they are able to foresee and deal with various organizational situations, with the perspective of those who have already faced and solved problems with their "hands-on" experience.

Taxa de retorno
Knowledge Multiplication

Cadmus' courses train Facilitators capable of disseminating the learning throughout the groups that make up the organization.