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Asset management in factories
and unconnected forest units

For the production of its six leading brands - Deca, Hydra, Ceusa, Durafloor, Duratex, Cecrisa and Portinari - in the construction and decoration sector, Duratex maintains 19 plants and 7 forest units. The maintenance of the equipment distributed by these units is currently managed in an optimized way with an Android application, capable of supporting offline operation and synchronizing with SAP's maintenance order management module.

Offline Mobile Application

Due to the characteristics of the regions in which the application is used, the ability to operate in areas without coverage was a premise for the development project. Cadmus used SQLLite to provide the application with a transactional cache (which stores data when offline), and built an application server, called Backoffice, which interfaces with SAP. Cadmus developers worked closely with ABAPI specialists at Duratex to optimize the field maintenance processes.

Mobility and Accessibility

The ability to serve unconnected areas and integrate them with the corporate management system brings great effect on Operational Efficiency and stability of industrial operations. In the development, however, care was also taken to make a mobile application with minimal restrictions in relation to smartphone models. To achieve this flexibility, Cadmus used the Ionic 3 platform.


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