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 arquitetura de soluções

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IT has become increasingly more strategic for companies. In this scenario, the IT Solution Architecture is the activity responsible for designing and implementing technology strategies of value to the organization allied to the business objectives. A well planned Solution Architecture allows a software product to solve a specific business problem within a company's strategy, besides helping the team working on a project to meet deadlines, follow the budget and create a solution according to the company's requirements.

Solution architecture is essential for creating solutions that increase business efficiency and productivity.

The Cadmus Delivery Center supports companies to realize the digital transformation of their core operations by transferring core processes to software solutions in a streamlined way.

Guided by the agile methodology, we apply the latest market technologies and have a team of experts with a specific skill set and a special talent for simplifying the final product and bringing greater usability to the product.

Our differentials

Our engineers, architects, and developers model and implement architectures that are scalable, fast, and secure.

Matching solutions to the corporate environment

At this stage it is important to understand the company's business processes in the solutions that are already in use in order to design a specific solution that is best suited for the environment.

Meet the requirements of all stakeholders

In addition to meeting all software development requirements it is necessary to provide updates on the development process, expenses to everyone involved in the process. In addition to considering the technical and business factors that need to be aligned with the project goals and governance.

arquitetura de soluções

Consideration of design constraints

Constraints should be considered for technical and business factors that need to be aligned with the project's goals and governance.

  • • Technology
  • • Risks
  • • Scope
  • • Cost
  • • Quality
  • • Time
  • • Resources

Project Technology Selection

Determine together with the customer which of the technologies will be most suitable for a specific project. The Cadmus team has experience with different technologies and can support your company with highly relevant assessments.