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Automation of

The great advantage of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) lies in connecting the automation of a task with other processes, workflows, and business rules.

All this to help improve your company's process efficiency and customer experience competitiveness.

Cadmus' Process Automation solutions have addressed business demands in areas such as: HR, IT, Financial, Commercial and Services.

5 points for a successful automation journey

  • • Process mapping and optimization before robotizing
  • • Monitoring the agents and the robot executions to avoid unavailability
  • • Constant improvement of automated workflow
  • • Understanding which processes are actually automatable
  • • Robot management with escalation plan for failure cases
  • • Secrecy in the conduct of the process
  • • Use of effective selection tools and technologies
  • • Extensive and up-to-date market knowledge and database;
  • • Attraction of the best candidates and fast access to new professional resources
  • • Commitment and transparency with our customers
  • • Network Password Reset
  • • Desbloqueo y desbloqueo de usuarios (red y ERP)
  • • Provisioning of users based on HR tool status
  • • Include Invoice in ERP
  • • Registration update of documents in the organs
  • • Vendor Validation in Withholding Tax
  • • Integration of CRM and Billing
  • • Schedule automatic e-mails: Reminder of bill payment, billing, etc.
  • • Collect utility bills directly from the supplier's site
  • • Orchestration between customer status and financial system
  • • Standardized proposal submission
  • • Vendor Validation in Withholding Tax
  • • Integration of CRM and Billing
  • • Schedule automatic e-mails: Reminder of bill payment, billing, etc.
  • • Collect utility bills directly from the supplier's site
Escalabilidade e modelo simplificado de custos
Non-intrusive integration with back office, legacy, and third-party systems

Process Automation eliminates the wear and tear and risks of operating multiple parallel systems - the retyping or "Crtl+C; Alt+tab; Crtl+V" between multiple screens that is still part of the unproductive routine. Technically, integration by Process Automation does not require discrete interventions in each system, which simplifies projects and process management at a high level, without depending on complex IT services for each extension or change.

Agregação e retenção de conhecimento
Optimization of time, resources, and performance in critical activities

Sales force professionals, field service and other key activities are freed from accessory tasks. In addition to freeing up time, Process Automation empowers people to work focused on their core business, with facilities to optimize their own work.

Comprometimento com performance e resultados
Valuing and focusing on talent

More than the financial issues, keeping a heavy headcount only for operational support generates noise and inefficiencies that go against the goals of Agile Transformation. Process Automation adds agility, autonomy, and engagement for the people who make a difference for the business and the customer.

Comprometimento com performance e resultados
Process mapping and optimization

Before automating, an assessment and analysis of the processes allows the identification of redundancies, anachronisms, and other hidden costs

Comprometimento com performance e resultados
Cross-process automation

The new generation of customers doesn't care about organizational charts and competencies, and, as a consequence, Agile Transformation involves streamlining workflows and collaboration between areas.

Comprometimento com performance e resultados
Indicators and learning for continuous improvement

With performance tracking methodologies, UX (user experience) and machine learning tools, processes can be adjusted or updated with each discovery or change of scenario.

Especialização técnica e conhecimento do negócio
Enabling self-service and chatbot for recurring questions

As repetitive procedures (e.g., service desk calls for password resets) start to flow automatically between the front end and the back office, Process Automation simplifies the delivery of functionality to self-service applications and chatbots that can be easily programmed to recognize and resolve common issues.