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Cadmus is ready to support your company in adopting AI, from customized solutions, to streamline decision making and improve control, predictability, security, customer engagement and results.

What is an AI system?

  • • Continuously learns with every interaction
  • • Understands several categories of data: text, images, sounds, languages, etc.
  • • Interact in natural language: see, speak, and listen.
  • • They can extract ideas and formulate hypotheses, so we can say that they reason

    15 real-world applications of AI

  • 1 Fraud detection
  • 2 Recommendation systems
  • 3 Search Engines
  • 4 Video surveillance systems
  • 5 Manuscript recognition
  • 6 Natural Language Processing
  • 7 Customer Service Bots
  • 8 Information Security
  • 9 Predictive maintenance
  • 10 Fault detection
  • 11 Demand forecasting
  • 12 Logistics
  • 13 Financial Trading: Buying low and selling high
  • 14 Medical diagnosis
  • 15 What is your challenge?
inteligência artificial

How can Cadmus help you?

Perform immersion to understand needs and processes with the technology and business areas.

  • • Oh. That’s how it Works
  • • Looking at data analytically
  • • Identify applications for AI within the organization
  • • More assertive decision making between buy or make
  • • Joint execution of the pilot project
  • • Full Report
  • • Identify applications for AI within the organization
  • • Presentation to customer-determined executives
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Models of analytics e machine learning

We prepare the data structure, help build the analytical models, as well as define the rules and criteria for machine learning supervision

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Optimizing content, processes, and dialogs

Using techniques such as Design Thinking and UX, we adapt the identification of the speaker, the directional phrases (the way the machine asks), and the delivery of the answers, to ensure the best user experience, the achievement of goals, and to support the expansion of the service offering.

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Revitalization of existing information systems, with fast ROI

Adding AI and automation capabilities to legacy has resulted in several Operational Efficiency initiatives and market differentiation.

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Promotion of self-service functions

By replacing IVR dialing options or application menus with verbal command recognition, rich self-service options can be offered without the navigational complexity that brings under-utilization of self-service

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Scope and Value Creation

In which services AI gives the organization more efficiency and ease for the customer; how to adjust processes; and how to set focus, ensure quality, and scale implementations determine how and at what pace technological innovation generates results.

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Vision and end-to-end solutions

To offer relevant services, with natural usability, and meet project objectives, we work on several layers vital to cognitive applications, such as: data infrastructure adaptation, process analysis, backend process automations, content curation and navigation flow with Design Thinking and UX techniques, machine learning configuration and supervision, implementation and curation of conversational gateways (chatbot, voicebot, etc.).

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Contact Center and Service Desk Productivity

Combination of cognitive interactions (NLU) and automation (RPA) maximizes efficiency of transactional services or recurring support.