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Practicing efficient management and thus achieving good results is the challenge of all companies. Every day there are projects that need to be structured, pending tasks, decisions to be made, barriers in internal communication, onboarding of new employees, training, recognition of employees and much more. To help companies with this challenge, we offer intelligent platforms that help you and your company.

Coin2u is a platform for issuing Merit Money, a collaborative way to reward collaboration.

Have a motivated and collaborative team with the support of the Merit Money platform. Coin2U has roots in Management 3.0, is innovative and relevant for organizations that seek in technology and agile methodologies, a way to innovate and improve the synergy of their teams in a light and recreational management model.

The platform distributes a certain number of coins each month, which can be transferred to other people over a period of time. The "balance" of each participant, which can be exchanged for rewards, is defined by the number of "payments" for performance recognition by those who immediately benefited from their work.

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Create projects, coordinate deliveries by developing people and teams aligned to the strategy in an integrated manner with governance and management indicators. More than managing the entire value stream, we raise the maturity of teams to be amazing.

Obtenga visibilidad de su operación

Know your teams' capacity and monitor engagement in strategic ceremonies for real agility scalability.

Agile Practices

Select the best agile practices for your team. Notifications are issued daily to employees alerting them about obligations within agile methodologies.

Manage different times

With beefor it is easy to track, manage, and draw metrics from multiple teams without scattering content and wasting inputs generated at important ceremonies.

Customize Your Frames

With the charts, the manager will have a broad view of the tasks performed, those coming up and those completed. The columns are customizable and the cards have effort points to give a clearer view of the team's capability and mission.

Assessment Tools

Customize 100% of a skill set with your assessment practices and questionnaires.

Configure Team Heat with factors that can contribute to your teams' development and questions that can guide the assessment.

Now you have a complete overview of the teams' health to help them develop efficiently.

Accelerate and make tangible the results of each team by combining real-time practices with in-depth questions.

Everything you need in one place. Using AI, main concepts of KCS and Machine Learning, it provides the best experience for users. Reduce costs, automate processes and level knowledge continuously with this platform that uses the best of the universe of technology and knowledge. Goobee Help provides the best experience for users promoting satisfaction and first call solution.

Automate your knowledgebase

Create automation solutions using RPA algorithms and platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Rely on a customized BOT curation and training model.

Some available practices

  • • Increase employee satisfaction metrics and first call resolution.
  • • Set up training content, mini trainings, onboarding, and manuals.
  • • Improve the experience and leverage solutions for Home Office teams.
  • • Set up BOT-like user interfaces such as Slack, Discord, workplace, and WhatsApp.