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 service desk

The Future of Service Desk has arrived and it is High Touch & Tech

The more relevant technology becomes, the more contact with the human being is needed.

So you have to put the best of both worlds together and with that you can benefit from both worlds:

High Touch

Less support time, more productivity

Fast resolution and a great experience

People satisfaction

Agile analysts:

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Cultura de people analytics

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Efficiency in process and flows

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Continuous Improvement

High Tech

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Analytics - BI

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Artificial Intelligence

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Machine Learning

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Humanized service robots

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Simple and uncomplicated integration with other solutions - APIs

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Cadmus Platform or the customer's preference

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Management at a glance - Indicators and Dashboards

Exclusive Benefits

We believe that happy people relate to best and this reflects in our results.


Agility and assertiveness in customer service


Our quality delights


Increasingly, we explore collaboration between humans and robots

Through multiple channels attendance

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Because Cadmus


First Call Resolution

More than 60% of the calls are solved on the first contact


20% to 40%

Of automated demands


HDI Certified Operation

In IT management best practices, governance, automation, and agility.


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