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Test automation integrates ecosystems
to new products with agility and compliance

While being a convenience company, where availability, performance and usability are the foundation of the business, Edenred operates transactional products, subject to strong security, auditing and regulatory rules. Each release involves extensive chains of interdependent services, most often with third-party APIs. To meet this dual demand for agility and governance, Cadmus developed a unique platform for Edenred that automates the testing of all services and interconnections that serve a particular application or process.

Integrated Automation

Alongside the various products of the Ticket benefits payment brand, Endered operates prepaid cards, and is now growing with its offerings for transportation and logistics, such as Repom (for simplified financial services in transportation) and Freto (an application for contracting freight). The company is recognized in awards such as Valor Inovação and IT Mídia's 100+ Innovative. The company's new products are based on the development of applications and new integrations, with great effect on the efficiency of enterprises and on customer experience.


With the platform developed by Cadmus, developers get visibility into the services impacted in new implementations, and the management team has more control with indicators of the entire process. Partners can also test their integrations more easily.


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