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 monitoramento de serviçõs

How We Innovate and
Do we automate?

We use RPA - Robotic Process Automation, or Robotic Process Automation allied to artificial intelligence tools and machine learning to make the journey of innovation and automation in an assertive way to the most diverse types of corporations and business segments. All this tied to our innovative and new Model of Agile Automation, the AMM -Automation Model Agile.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the way of creating robots ( Bots ) that perform business or IT tasks and processes in an automated way. Bots are a digital workforce that can learn, simulate, and execute a variety of processes within an organization.

monitoramento de serviços
  • • Registration of new employees and inactivation of the various benefit portals
  • • Creating users based on HR records
  • • Activation and deactivation of users in access systems (turnstiles)
  • • Registration of the vacation schedule in the time and attendance system.
  • • Commitment and transparency with our customers
  • • Network Password Reset
  • • Unlocking and unlocking users (network and ERP)
  • • Provisioning users based on HR tool status
  • • Mobile Phone Bill Downloads
  • • Orchestration between customer status and financial system
  • • Standardized proposal submission
  • • Routine updating and validation of customer and e-mail registrations
  • • Download a second copy of your invoice
  • • Open Debits
  • • Payment Inquiries
  • • Include Invoice in ERP
  • • Actualización de documentos de los órganos
  • • Vendor Validation in Tax Withholding
  • • Integration of CRM and Billing
  • • Schedule automatic e-mails: Reminder of bill payment, billing, etc.
  • • Collect utility bills directly from the supplier's site