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Continuous Improvement
of your company

When we participate in a project, people usually assume that it will have a beginning, middle and end. However, when it comes to software development, we know that there is no definitive end. Whether for technological or business needs, software maintenance is an activity that will accompany the entire life of a system.

Software maintenance is today an issue in organizations that develop and maintain software. This is due to the need to always adjust and improve the software product according to the most diverse needs.

The life of software does not end after it is deployed. For software to remain useful over time, it is necessary to invest in maintenance.

The systems are critical for the business to operate, Cadmus offers dedicated qualified teams to ensure that the systems function properly and evolve according to the company's needs.

Our differentials

Proactive Management

The Cadmus team performs periodic evaluations of data scalability, access methods, and other possibilities to gain efficiency, reduce failure risks, and anticipate possible incidents.

Continuous optimizations

As the systems supported by AMS gain stability with the evolution of management itself, the contracted hours can be used for adjustments and improvements in the applications, supported by the Cadmus Development structure.


Monitoring and maintenance of availability, performance, backup routines, log tracking, job execution management, and other technical routines.

Maintenance and upgrade

With support from its Development structure, Cadmus takes advantage of opportunities to improve and optimize the systems supported in the AMS contracts.